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Personal Trainer

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Personal Trainer


Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA
Conshohocken, Pennsylvania 19428

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Job Description and Requirements

The Personal Trainer is expected to p
rovide specialized, one-on-one training to meet the specific needs of the member. Develop and supervise a personal exercise program, which is based on the individual's personal goals, exercise standards and guidelines, and their current level of fitness; p
rovide resources of information regarding special concerns or ar
eas of interest to the member; assist the member in exercise adherence and to provide emotional support towards exercise commitment. This is an hourly paid program position working with members that have pre-paid the YMCA for a particular number of personal training sessions.

Cultivate and develop relationships with members and assist them
in making healthy lifestyle choices, build self-esteem and build commitment to the YMCA.
Implement a personalized fitness program and training techniques. Provide follow up and encouragement to motivate long term commitment.
Supervise and instruct on exercise technique on a one-on-one basis.
Creatively and enthusiastically motivate others to change their lifestyle.
Provide member with motivation and positive feedback on performance.
Respond to member concerns and problems in a timely basis. Maintain professional rapport with all members and staff and ensure member satisfaction.
Keep all client files, records and handouts updated.
Perform other related duties as assigned.
Maintain knowledge of emergency and safety procedures and maintain records on any incidents
Participate as a member of the staff team in providing excellent member service.
Participate in staff meetings and trainings as required.

All Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA Staff is responsible for the following:
Maintaining a clean, well-groomed appearance while on duty and keeping in compliance with the Association and Department Dress Code Policy
A continued commitment to member satisfaction by ensuring excellent Member Experience
Maintaining the safety of all members and staff by identifying and correcting risk situations, writing incident reports, etc.
Ensuring the overall cleanliness of the facility
A commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
Keeping the children in the care of the PFVY and participating in
programming within the branches safe from harm and reporting signs and suspicions of abuse when necessary to the requisite state

High exposure to noise, occasional exposure to weather

Ability to express or exchange ideas by means of spoken word to impart oral information and to convey detailed, spoken instructions to staff, members, and volunteers accurately, quickly, and loudly; ability to perceive the nature of sounds by ear; ability to lift and carry 75-100 pounds; ability to move about on foot quickly; ability to stoop, kneel, crouching and crawl; ability to clearly see at 20 inches or less and 20 feet or more; ability to balance, climb, and do other feats that convey peak physical fitness

Be at least 20 years of age and pursuing a Bachelor's degree in physiology or related field preferred.
National Personal Training Certification (NSCA, ACSM, ACE, NEITA, AAAI).
Excellent relationship building skills and the ability to engage members and build rapport.
Excellent written communication skills.
Maintain knowledge of trends in wellness, fitness and healthy lifestyles.
Exhibit strong leadership skills; possess a passion for member service, building and maintaining a culture of member service
Acquire and maintain the following certifications:
-CPR Pro/AED/O2 (valid 2 years unless otherwise noted)
-First Aid (valid 2 years unless otherwise noted)
-Requisite Redwoods Online Trainings (valid 2 years unless otherwise noted)
-YMCA Healthy
Lifestyle Principles

At the YMCA we value the following attributes in personal character and behavior and believe that they are essential to attaining our mission:
CARING Showing a sincere concern for others
HONESTY Be truthful in what you say and do.
RESPECT Follow the Golden Rule.
RESPONSIBILITY Be accountable for your promises and actions.

To translate the principles of the YMCAâs Christian heritage into programs that nurture children, strengthen
families, build strong communities and develop healthy minds, bodies and spirits for all.


Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA

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[posted Mar 8, 2018]

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