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Exercise Specialist

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Exercise Specialist


Sandford Health
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PT- Demonstrates expert knowledge in the field of exercise science and fitness. Assists with fitness assessments and fitness-related education programs. Participates in planning and implementing individual/group fitness programs. Participates in health condition assessments. Administers fitness testing procedures and interprets test results for individuals. Coordinates the development of exercise/fitness programs for low, medium and high-risk populations. Maintains fitness equipment. Possesses thorough knowledge of human physiology and the ability to prescribe exercise according to accepted guidelines. Performs physiologic assessments including body fat analysis, blood pressure and strength assessments. Teaches additional fitness classes when needed. Develops and instructs training boot camps and small group training sessions in addition to private training session. Instructs participants in maintaining exertion levels to maximize benefits from exercise routines. Teaches proper breathing techniques used during physical exertion. Offers alternatives during fitness classes and private training sessions in order to accommodate to different levels of fitness. Promotes Wellness Center memberships alongside promoting personal training sessions. Works on the floor addressing responsibilities such as maintaining fitness equipment and locker rooms as needed. Ensures the overall environment is safe, clean and presentable. Cardiac & Pulmonary- Provides on-site rehabilitation. Monitors clients responses to exercise, instructs on proper technique and safe use of equipment and supervises exercises at clinics and hospitals. Coordinates the development of exercise/fitness programs or prescriptions for low, medium and high-risk populations. Works cooperatively with exercise physiologists, case managers, physicians, registered nurses, and occupational therapists to promote long-term behavioral change. Demonstrates knowledge of risk factor modification strategies. Possesses knowledge of the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems, diseases and emergencies in accordance with standards set by American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Possesses knowledge of nutrition, health psychology and counseling techniques. Possesses thorough knowledge of human physiology and the ability to prescribe exercise according to accepted guidelines.Educates individuals and groups in rehab about the usage of exercise equipment, proper exercise techniques and techniques for transitioning a hospital based fitness program to a safe and effective home exercise program. Responds to symptom changes and signs of problems in patients to secure safety of individuals during fitness programs. Educates patients in cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases alongside educating patients on treatment plans and exercise prescriptions needed for prudent heart living. Performs physiologic assessments including body fat analysis, blood pressure and strength assessments. Depending on location, may administer stress testing.

Performs at least 2-3 concurrent activities without reducing productivity. Modulates own tone and body language. Coaches others to improve their skills. Seeks opportunities to serve as a mentor. Creates action plans that ensure the accomplishment of responsibilities. Prioritizes constantly while maintaining well-defined goals. Explains how managing customer perceptions and expectations enhances customer service. Assesses a customer's needs, goals, degree of interest, and ability to commit. Develop exercise programs to improve participant strength, flexibility, endurance, or circulatory functioning, in accordance with exercise science standards, regulatory requirements, and credentialing requirements. Explain exercise program or physiological testing procedures to participants. Prescribe individualized exercise programs, specifying equipment such as treadmill, exercise bicycle, ergometers, or perceptual goggles. Interview participants to obtain medical history or assess participant goals. Supervise maintenance of exercise or exercise testing equipment. Monitor participants' progress and adapt programs as needed.

Basic Life Support (BLS) certification, First Aid certification and Automated External Defobrillator (AED) certification required within 30 days of hire. Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certified within six months of hire.American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and/or Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) within two years of hire. Acceptance of any national accredited personal training certification. The Wellness Center Exercise Specialists are required to have either the national accreditation or a degree in exercise science. Degree in Exercise Science or related field or nationally accredited certification related to field of exercise science.Bachelor's degree in Physical Education, Exercise Science, Corporate Fitness or a related field of study is required.

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Part Time


Sanford Health

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[posted Sep 28, 2018]

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