Job: Exercise Specialist (FT & PT positions)

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Exercise Specialist (FT & PT positions)

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Exercise Specialist


Tilton Fitness
Brick, New Jersey 08724

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Currently the Brick, NJ health club is seeking full-time and part-time Exercise Specialists to join its team.

The purpose of the Exercise Specialist is to provide sound exercise prescription, fitness assessment, and general health promotion to fitness center members and outside community. Responsible for day-to-day member supervision and program implementation; supervise exercise programs; teach fitness classes; conduct equipment orientations.

A. Implementation of safe and effective physical fitness program for members of the Health and Fitness center.
1. Develops individualized exercise programs and exercise prescription based on the individual health history, results of the testing profile, personal goals of the member and physician input when necessitated.
2. Provides instruction and orientation to the member regarding proper technique, program information, and usage of recommended equipment. Incorporates the five fitness components (flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscle endurance, strength, and body fat %) when prescribing exercise.

3. Orientates members and guests on the proper use of equipment with consideration of correct body mechanics.

4. Monitors day-to-day individual responses to program recommendations, modifying as necessary.
B. Provides exercise testing according to the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines as adapted for Meridian Fitness and Wellness
1. Evaluates and documents client's fitness levels, including cardiovascular fitness, height, weight, flexibility, body composition and strength measurements.
2. Monitors heart rate, blood pressure, and rating of perceived exertion during exercise testing.
3. Identifies and refers abnormal results to individuals personal physician.
4. Consults with Fitness Director on Fitness Programs, and individuals who can be considered high risk.

C. Implementation and coordination of annual events and incentive programs designed to educate and maintain membership compliance.
1. Evaluates need and member interest in program.
2. Researches information to be presented to members thoroughly before implementing program.
3. Uses creative strategies to market the program.
4. Promotes member involvement in activity-based events (i.e. local competitive races and sports tournaments).

D. Maintains high level of customer, hospital associate, and physician satisfaction regarding fitness programs, equipment and interaction with fitness associates.
1. Promotes positive, customer-focused relationships with all customers of the Health and Fitness Center.
2. Responds promptly to all satisfaction issues of member requests.
3. Actively, promotes the medical model philosophy, encouraging each member in functioning optimally and independently within the limits of his/her condition.
4. Must be fully cognizant of the vision and mission, of the Health and Fitness Center and clearly communicate these ideas to members.

Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology, Exercise Science, Physical Therapy or a related field desired. Must have 2 to 4 years of experience in the health / fitness industry. CPR and exercise / fitness certifications desired.

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Full Time


Tilton Fitness

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[posted Aug 7, 2018]

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