Job: Corporate Group Exercise Instructor

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Corporate Group Exercise Instructor

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Group Exercise Instructor


Gateway Region YMCA
St. Louis, Missouri 63103

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Job Description and Requirements

Job Description
Under the direction of the Physical Director, instruct group specialty fitness classes such as but not limited to Kick Boxing, Dance, Karate, Turbo Kick, Yoga, and Zumba for members in accordance with the YMCA Health and Wellness Program Model while putting Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Promote YMCA's healthy spirit, mind and body philosophy through group fitness classes.
Demonstrates a commitment to continuing education:
Attend all required meetings as directed.
Demonstrate knowledge of exercise physiology, kinesiology and injury prevention, cardiovascular and medical considerations, nutrition and body composition, and proper class format and leadership skills.
Screen students carefully for risk factors, and any health problem or medical limitation that would prevent them from participating.
Give pre-class instructions; explain goals of aerobics, how to take a pulse and determine target heart rate range.
Competent at demonstrating safe and effective exercise technique. Modify exercises for those with special needs.
Assess levels of fitness and direct students to appropriate classes, beginning through advanced.
Conscientious of how the environment is affecting the class; ensures everyone is wearing appropriate footwear and permeable clothing. Aware of ventilation and temperature. Insist on safe flooring for impact aerobics, Plays music at a level that motivates but doesnât over power cues
Maintain visual contact, monitor each individual's level of fatigue and looks for signs of overexertion.
Guide students skillfully through transitions with easily understood cues.
Encourages students to progress when appropriate; applies principles of overload and rest.
Set up equipment and store securely after class. Maintain the cleanliness of the wellness area.
Responsible for securing own subs if instructor cannot attend scheduled class times.
Perform other related duties as assigned.
Perform all duties with honesty, caring, respect, responsibility and faith.

High school education or equivalent preferred

3 - 7 years of experience as a specialty group exercise instructor.

Special skills, Licenses, Certifications or Equipment:
Currently group exercise certified in their area of expertise with a national organization that tests both theoretical knowledge and performance, such as, but not limited to A.F.A.A., A.C.E., A.C.S.M., and N.S.C.A.
Currently certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (C.P.R.), A.E.D. and First Aid.

Essential Functions
Excellent interpersonal and oral communication skills.
Dependable and punctual.
Organized and creative.
Strong leadership qualities.
Instructs in a noncompetitive, non-intimidating manner.
Teaches with enthusiasm and genuine concern for students.
Professional manner and appearance.
Demonstrates practical knowledge of human anatomy and kinesiology.

Employment Type

Full Time


Gateway Region YMCA

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[posted Jun 29, 2018]

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