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Maintaining Professionalism: How To Stay Ahead Of The Game

Getting the job and the clientele is just the beginning. Once you get your name out there, you have to maintain that foot in the door. Here are some quick tips to keep your professionalism, keep your clients, and stay ahead of the game with your business.

Track Their Progress. People like to feel cared for. In our line of work, we are constantly motivating clients to push harder or try more. Showing our clients that their hard work is paying off is important. Once you get the clients, make sure to set up a system where you keep track of and monitor your clients’ successes. For example, you can take base measurements for weight, waist circumference, or stamina (i.e. # of pushups in 1 minute). Next, make sure to track those changes as time goes on so the client can see improvements achieved.

Maintain Your Professionalism. One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is that they’ve had trainers who are flaky or cancel appointments last minute. Yet, the client always needs to give the trainer 24 hours notice when re-scheduling his/her appointment. This is the biggest mistake in the industry. Stop being a flake. The true super-star trainers, who have successful businesses and life-long clients, are those trainers who are always on time, do not cancel appointments, and give their clients enough lead time when a vacation will take place. Provide your clients with at least 2 weeks’ notice when needing to reschedule their set appointments (especially if you know a vacation is coming up).

Follow Up and Follow Through. We all know that we only get paid for the actual time spent working with our clients. However, there’s a lot of non-paid time spent on marketing. To keep that consistent flow of correspondence, allot at least 1 hour each day to respond to emails, voicemails, and all other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc). This way, if a new client calls or sends an email, you respond within 24 hours and close that deal. I treat this daily marketing hour like an appointment in my calendar, so I know it happens. Responding to an email/voicemail within 24 hours is key to growing your business and not losing that client to someone else.

Remember: tracking, professionalism, and follow-through are three keys to your successful growth of your business.

Sarah Koszyk is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach at Eating Free, an online adult weight management program. She also provides in-person nutrition coaching at a private practice, MV Nutrition, in San Francisco, CA, where she specializes in sports nutrition and adult and pediatric weight management. You can follow her on FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn.

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