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Tips To Successfully Make A Career Change To Be A Fitness Professional



Personal Trainers who made the career change!

Personal Trainers who made the career change!

Tips To Successfully Make A Career Change To Be A Fitness Professional

You have a passion for fitness. This passion is so intense that you can picture yourself making it a daily job. You’re currently working in another field and you’re comfortable in the position. The idea of change is scary and overwhelming. However, career changes are doable. Many people have revamped their career paths and chosen new ones that have been prosperous and emotionally rewarding. Just think about waking up every day and feeling excited to go to work. This new path can become a reality.

Here are 4 tips to successfully make a career change to be a fitness professional.


1. “Be Prepared: both for the unknown and the known. What you see on social media is always the ‘best possible image’ someone can show you of the fitness industry. But the truth is, it’s a real hustle. Study the science that you base your methods upon, be smart, be true to yourself, and always begin and maintain your journey from a humble and willing-to-learn position. You aren’t the first, you aren’t the best, and you should and will forever be a student, even when you’re a leader,” advises Rachael Frank, CPT, fitness instructor and motivator at Basecamp Fitness.


2. Get Educated & Certified: Education and certification are essential to be able to provide your clients with accredited information and practices. Take time to complete the standard requirements of your training and teaching in order to gain the knowledge you need. Also attend conferences and workshops to further enhance your skills and learn about current trends. You may even want to get a higher education degree for more expertise.


3. Find a Mentor: Having a professional show you the ins-and-outs of the industry and business is important. Many people learn best when they practice hands-on training. Working with someone you respect will also assist you with your future practice so you develop the necessary standards you want your clients to experience.


4. Believe in Your Self: “The difference between a good moment and a great moment is you,” informs Frank. Know that this new career path will be full of change and growth. However, perseverance and positivity is important to have to keep on going. Change is always scary and daunting. Regardless, the end results are you living your dream job and practicing what you’ve been preaching.


Here are some quotes from people who have happily made career changes to be fitness professionals. They’ve never looked back at their old jobs. They enjoy waking up every day doing what they love, following their passion, and living their dreams.

“I’d always been active—cycling, working out at the gym, hiking—but years of confinement in an office cubicle started to take a real toll on my wellbeing, and the idea of work and life being in balance was very attractive. After practicing for years and teaching Bikram for seven, when the opportunity presented itself to partner with a friend in opening a new yoga studio, I couldn’t say no. Instead I said goodbye to the cubicle.” Rick Czarnowski, Owner of Body Temp Yoga

“I have always been into exercise and fitness since I can remember. I started to become a more serious runner since moving to San Francisco from Australia and having my daughter in 2007. My first job in the fitness industry was with Baby Boot Camp as it was the perfect job as I could take my daughter along with me. I realized then how much I loved helping others to enjoy and appreciate being fit and healthy like myself. I now run my own business ‘trufitnesshealth’ where I run small group bootcamps and train one on one personal training clients. I specialize in functional and injury prevention training.” Trudi Spork, Owner of Trufitnesshealth

“After years of working as a Marketing professional in Health Insurance, I realized a couple of years ago that I was not happy doing so. I decided to pursue a career in Yoga, which is not only what I am passionate about, but for me is a way of life.” Adriana Buenaventura, Yoga Therapy Practitioner and Meditation Teacher

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