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Certification: Become An Accredited Exercise Physiologist

4 Steps To Become An Accredited Exercise Physiologist


People who understand the physiological components of movement and physical activity are Exercise Physiologists. According to Health Pro Net, exercise physiologists provide comprehensive treatment regarding maintenance and treatment of health and fitness for people with a broad range of conditions and illnesses, for rehabilitation, and for professional guidance and counsel of athletes. To become an exercise physiologist, you must get certified.

Here are 4 steps to take to become an accredited Exercise Physiologist:  

1.  Find Your Passion:
Ask yourself if you enjoy helping people and have a desire to work as a health professional. The field of exercise physiology is growing every year and new employment opportunities are continuing to develop with the health and wellness, rehabilitation, and athletic industries.

2.  Get Certified By An Accredited Program:
American Society of Exercise Physiologists (ASEP) has set professional standards. You must have a degree in exercise physiology and be certified by ASEP by passing the Exercise Physiologist Certification Exam (ECP). The exam includes written and practical evaluations. Once you pass the exam, you will be a certified Exercise Physiologist.

3. Accredited Programs:
The following universities offer accredited programs recognized by ASEP:

  • Midwestern State University
  • Marquette University
  • Bloomsburg University
  • Long Island University – Brooklyn
  • University of New Mexico at Albuquerque
  • West Liberty University

4. Maintain Certification:
Once certified, you will need to complete continuing education units in order to maintain your credentials and stay up-to-date with current information and practices.

Remember: You have options for education. Once you are certified, you can always go on to get your doctorate to better enhance your expertise and your career.

Sarah Koszyk is the founder of Family. Food. Fiesta. A family-based wellness program and recipe blog where she also conducts cooking videos with kids and provides families with healthy living tips. She is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach where she specializes in sports nutrition and adult and pediatric weight management. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Sarah is also in charge of hiring employees and contractors.

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