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Enhance Your Fitness Business Through Sponsorship


Sarah Koszyk, RD

Enhance Your Business Through Sponsorship

We use products from specific companies every single day of our lives. Whether the product is from food, equipment, or apparel, we have made a conscious choice to purchase that certain company’s product and use it. When we use the product, we ultimately end up promoting it. Sponsorship can enhance your business by offering your desired products of choice to your clients. Wouldn’t you love to have that company’s products that you use provide you with free samples? It’s a win-win situation for both you and the company you choose to represent because you become a spokesperson for them. You provide that company with hands-on, face-to-face marketing to your clients and your clients benefit from having access to products which can optimize their performance.

Here are tips on how to get sponsored with products you believe in:

#1. Reach out to the company. Matt Forsman, owner/founder of Marathon Matt, a personal coaching group for runners, works with GU Energy and Somersault Snacks. He has established a mutually beneficial relationship. The products he receives, he offers to his clients before/during/or after their runs to they can fuel themselves. People keep on coming back and ultimately buy the products on their own.

#2. Be selective in your products and do your research. Dorette Franks, co-owner of Trifiniti Endurance Performance Coaching, a competitive company for training endurance athletes, emphasizes that sponsorship enhances Trifiniti’s lifestyle and the lifestyle of her athletes. Products need to be innovative with good supporting research and data to back up their claims. Trifiniti works with Vega and Generation UCAN who have products Franks believes in and uses herself. She knows what the products stand for and how they can assist her clients.

#3. Stay committed to your sponsors of choice. Franks advises to stay devoted to your specific sponsors in order to build a relationship with them and possibly become a spokesperson or ambassador like she is for Vega. Forsman agrees and states to develop quality relationships with a few sponsors versus having multiple companies that may cross-compete with products.

Remember, your products you represent also reflect your beliefs and attitude so choose wisely. Sponsorship can increase your clients’ experience and provide them with new products to add into their routine. So who are you going to contact today for sponsorship?


Sarah Koszyk is the founder of Family. Food. Fiesta. A family-based wellness program and recipe blog where she also conducts cooking videos with kids and provides families with healthy living tips. She is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach where she specializes in sports nutrition and adult and pediatric weight management. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Sarah is also in charge of hiring employees and contractors.

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