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Insider’s Guide to Being a Successful Personal Trainer

Insider’s Guide to Being a Successful Personal Trainer

Having a successful career as a personal trainer takes time, diligence, and a plan. ExerciseJobs reached out to some of the top personal trainers in their area to find out their #1 secret for a prosperous, proficient, and profitable business. Here is an Insider’s Guide to Being a Successful Personal Trainer.


Have Confidence: “My #1 tip for starting a career in fitness is to be confident in your skills. With my background being in nutrition, it took a longtime for me to accept myself as a fitness professional and fit in working alongside seasoned kinesiologists. However, once you are confident in your knowledge and expertise, your clients and potential clients can see that and begin to trust you. This is probably your strongest selling point as a personal trainer because, once clients trust you, it’s hard for them to leave you. This is more valuable than any number of certifications — so be confident!”Destini Moody, RDN, CPT, CES, Sports Dietitian and Corrective Exercise Specialist, Instagram:@destinilikemartini.


Network Face-To-Face: “While I believe that social media can be a great tool to draw attention to your business, I have found that showing up at community events and face-to face interactions are great ways to have potential clients get to know you. It can be hard for people to make the first move to come to you because they may feel intimidated. When you get out in the neighborhood, you’ll give them a chance to see your shining personality.” Nancy Swan, NDTR, CDM, CFPP, IFTA, Certified Fitness Professional and Body Positivity Activist, www.hypecharlotte.comTwitter: @nancythedtr.


Build Relationships: “Relationship building and creating a strong network is essential to a successful fitness career. Get out there and start meeting people, attend wellness fairs, and participate in local fitness events. Show people you are approachable and an expert in the field and your business will grow.” Leah Golden, MS, RD, CPT, Wellness Dietitian and Personal Trainer Instagram: @leahgolden.rd.


Multiple Client Streams: “To be a successful personal trainer you need as many streams of clients as possible. For example, offer referral discounts to people who send you clients. Set up a way for current clients to benefit from referring clients. Make sure to have a strong online presence to attract new clients and maintain existing ones. Having partnerships with nutritionists, masseuses, and even other trainers, can really beef up your clientele. Having multiple streams of clients will free up your time for continuing education and other important aspects of the business, while the client base continues to grow on its own.” Cristian Luecke, NASM, Excellence in Fitness,, Instagram: @cristianlueckefitness.


Focus on one or two of these tips and begin to implement them in order to effectively and efficiently grow your fitness business.


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