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Expert Secrets to Make Your Fitness Business a Success

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Expert Secrets to Make Your Fitness Business a Success

What does it take to have a successful fitness business? ExerciseJobs reached out to the best to find expert secrets to make your fitness business a success. Here’s what the gurus have to say.

Multiple Income Streams: “The number one tip I could give any health and wellness professional to assure a successful fitness business is to have multiple streams of income within the industry. What allowed my business to explode was to cut down on my overhead (gym lease, payroll, and utilities), and move into the online forum of helping free people from physical and financial pain,” informs Scott Aaron, CPT, CSN, founder of Scott Aaron.


Closing Sales: “Personal trainers focus so much on getting certification after certification, and that is fine. What any trainer has to realize is at the end of the day it’s all about closing sales and creating income. Learn how to sell the dream to your clients by asking the proper questions in a sequence to create the results that you are seeking. So many trainers that I coach tell me that ‘It’s not about the money.’ My answer, ‘Why not do it for free then!?” advises Joe Dibianca, 30 year veteran of the industry and founder of Joe Dibianca.


Be Reliable & Professional: “Be the person your clients can count on. When you are consistent, professional, and reliable, your clients will refer their friends. Make every session all about the person in front of you. Clients rely on you to help them achieve their goals which you should never lose sight of. Don’t be a flake. Don’t cancel and change your schedule each week. Don’t talk about yourself and your problems the entire session. Remember, customer service is everything,” advocates Jill Harris, Certified Pilates Instructor and founder of InformedBody.


Find Your Purpose & Brand Yourself. Put Purpose, Passion, and People Before Profits. Learn who you, your story, and your brand are. Be incredibly grateful and flexible, yet know your worth. Learn from many resources in and outside of fitness. Some of my mentors have included Strategic Coach, Herbalife, Dani Johnson, and Brendon Burchard to name a few. Focus on both short term and long term cash and opportunities,” counsels Katrina Julia, MBA, CPA, NASM, NPC, Founder of FIT Life Creation + Creation Giving.


Learn From Others & Market Appropriately: “Follow and learn from other successful fitness businesses. Develop a business plan. Learn social media and use it for marketing. Build your contact list. Fortune is in the follow up,” recommends Wendy Mader, MS, Ironman certified, Health, Fitness, and Sport Coach.


Incorporate Balance Into Your Job: “Balance is most important. As a fitness entrepreneur, it is easy to work 14 hour days and lose focus on the other important areas in life such as family, health, faith, and fun. I always say, ‘what’s the point of being a millionaire if you are suffering poor health or your marriage fails.’ I try to take time each day to devote to each of these areas of my life that bring me joy. If you ask people on their death bed, ‘what would you change about your life,’ many say they wished they worked less and spent more time with family. I take that wisdom to heart and take it to action,” instructs Jim White, ACSM EX-P, RDN, Owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios.

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