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CEUs for Fitness Professionals, Physiologists, and Personal Trainers

CEU Opportunities for Exercise Professionals

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Fitness Professionals, Physiologists, and Personal Trainers

A must-read list of CEUs for Fitness Professionals, Physiologists, and Personal Trainers from IDEA FIT, ACE, NFPT, ISSA and more. Enjoy and get busy! – Sarah


An introduction to Holistic Nutrition (2 CEUs)

Techniques to Rehabilitate and Protect the Knees (2 CEUs)

ViPR Movement Preparation (2 CEUs)

The Gluteals and Their Link to Low-Back Pain (2 CEUs)

TRX Essentials for Personal Training (3 CEUs)

New Insights into Chronic Pain (2 CEUs)

Core 3 x 3 (2 CEUs)

I’ve Fallen Now What (1 CEU)

Balancing Hormones for Optimal Weight Loss (1 CEU)

TRX Training for Active Seniors (2 CEUs)

Body Leverage Training: No Equipment? No Problem! (2 CEUs)

Push, Pull, Bend, Twist, Squat and Lunge! (2 CEUs)

Pilates 50/50 (2 CEUs)

Turbo Tabata (2 CEUs)

TRX Rip Training Foundations (3 CEUs)

Back to Basics with Anatomy (1 CEU)

Designing a Self-Myofascial Release Program (2 CEUs)

How Hormones and Metabolism Change the Training Game for Females (2 CEUs)

Powerful Teaching: Group Ex Essentials Course (2 CEUs)

Shouldering The Load From the Ground Up (2 CEUs)

Strengthening the Fascial Lines in 3D (2 CEUs)

Quick Fix Workouts (2 CEUs)

Vital Anatomy-Functional Applications Course (3 CEUs)

XiT Extreme Interval Training:2nd Edition (2 CEUs)

Metabolic Meltdown (2 CEUs)

Training the Pregnant Athlete (2 CEUs)

Spinal Stabilization Versus Pelvic Stabilization (2 CEUs)

Nutrition Basics and Nutrient Training: What All Fitness Professionals Should Know (2 CEUs)

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition (2 CEUs)

HIIT Step (2 CEUs)

Corrective Exercise for Shoulder Impairments (2 CEUs)

ACE Small Group Training Workshop (5 CEUs)

ABS Lab Intensive (2 CEUs)

A New Approach to Strength Training for Runner and Triathletes (2 CEUs)

Heart-Core Circuit Training: The New Edition Course (2 CEUs)

Strength and Conditioning Games for Improved Fitness and Performance (2/3 CEUs)

Isolation to Integration: Corrective Exercise from a Functional Perspective Course (2 CEUs)

Cut to the Core (2 CEUs)

Fit as a Fighter (2 CEUs)

Integrated Back Rehabilitation—Regression to Progression Course (5 CEUs)

Metabolic Fat—Tourching Protocols (2 CEUs)



The Fit Expo Evolution Fitness Conference (8 AFAA / 0.8 ACE / 0.4 NASM)

Idea World Fitness Convention (Up to 23 CEUs +4-9 CEUs from pre-/post- conference workshops)



ACE Integrated Fitness Training Model for Exercise Program Design Online Course (0.1 ACE, 1 ACSM)

Pilates Mat Training (0.4 ACE, 4 ACSM)

Screening and Assessment for Exercise Programming (0.1 ACE, 1 ACSM)

Understanding and Motivating Midlife and Older Adults ( 0.1 ACE, 1 ACDM, 1 AAMA)

Cancer and Exercise (0.1 ACE, 1 ACSM, 1 CBRN, 1 AAMA)

ACE’s Traditional Aerobics and Step Training (0.5 ACE, 5 ACSM)

Understanding Nutritional Strategies and Keys to Macronutrient Balance (0.2 ACE, 2 ACSM)

Diabetes and Exercise (0.1 ACE, 1 ACSM, 1 CBRN, 1 AAMA)

Sports Performance Training Course Bundle (2 ACE, 20 ACSM)

Pre and Post Natal Exercise (0.4 ACE, 4 ACSM, 4 CBRN)

The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist (8 ACE)

ACE Functional Training Course Bundle (1 ACE, 10 ACSM)

ACE Group Exercise Course Bundle (1 ACE, 10 ASCM)

ACE Nutrition & Weight Management Course Bundle (1 ACE, 10 ACSM, 10 CBRN)

ACE Working with 50+ Adult Clients Course Bundle (1 ACE, 10 ACSM, 10 AAMA)

Connecting with Women at Every Stage (1 ACE, 10 ACSM)

Mind Body Fitness Course Bundle (1 ACE, 10 ACSM)

Special Populations/Post-Rehab Fitness Course Bundle ( 1 ACE, 10 ACSM)

Sports Performance Training Course Bundle (1 ACE, 10 ACSM)

ACE Functional Training Course Bundle (2 ACE, 10 ACSM)



Substance Abuse and Addictions 101: What Every Personal Trainer Needs to Know (8 CEUs)

Client Centered Approach to Personal Training (5 CEUs)

Marathon Training 101: What Every Personal Trainer Needs to Know (5 CEUs)

Safely Training the Adolescent Female Athlete-Part I (5 CEUs)

Safely Training the Adolescent Female Athlete-Part II (5 CEUs)

A Guideline for the Development of Selected Motor Skills in Youth Athletes (3 CEUs)

Creatine Research Update 2005 (3 CEUs)

Hormones and Performance (3 CEUs)

Marketing Secrets for Personal Trainers (3 CEUs)

The Fitness Professional’s Guide to Public Relations (2 CEUs)

About Acne (1 CEU)

About BCAAs (1 CEU)

About Bicarbonate Supplement (1 CEU)

About Caffeine (1 CEU)

About Glutamine (1 CEU)

About Growth Plate Injuries (1 CEU)

About Hip Replacement (1 CEU)

About Knee Problems (1 CEU)

About Shoulder Problems (1 CEU)

Avascular Necrosis (1 CEU)

Care and Prevention of Sports Injuries (1 CEU)

Childhood and Adolescent Scoliosis (1 CEU)

Combining Supplements (1 CEU)

Deceleration Training for Female Athletes (1 CEU)

Five Step Back Solution (1 CEU)

Gout (1 CEU)

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (1 CEU)

Osteoarthritis (1 CEU)

Questions and Answers About Raynaud’s Phenomenon (1 CEU)

Reiter’s Syndrome (1 CEU)

Scleroderma (1 CEU)

Specific Nutrition (1 CEU)

Spinal Stenosis (1 CEU)

Sprains and Strains (1 CEU)

Trainers Guide to Diabetes: Type 1 and 2 (1 CEU)

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease and Suggested Training Methods for Certified Fitness Trainers (1 CEU)




Alternative & Integrative Nutrition (1 CEU)

Bone Health for Children and Adolescents Implications for Client Counseling (0.2 CEU)

Carbohydrate Requirements for Exercise (0.1 CEU)

Cardiovascular Nutrition & Fitness (1 CEU)

Childhood and Adolescent Nutrition (0.9 CEU)

Chronic Disease Prevention (0.1 CEU)

Cultural Competency Values, Traditions & Effective Practice (0.1 CEU)

Diet, Exercise and Fitness (1 CEU)

Dietary Fiber and Cholesterol Reduction (0.1 CEU)

Effective Counseling Techniques (0.1 CEU)

Fat Loading for Endurance Sports (0.1 CEU)

Functional Foods, Part 1: Legumes, Grains, Fruits & Vegetables (0.6 CEU)

Functional Foods, Part 2: Fermented Foods & Macronutrients (0.6 CEU)

Green Tea New Benefits from an Old Favorite? (0.2 CEU)

Herbal Supplements (0.2 CEU)

Is Wine a “Functional Food?” (0.1 CEU)

Liquid Nutrition For the Athlete (0.1 CEU)

Maternal and Infant Nutrition (1 CEU)

Nondiet Weight Management (0.7 CEU)

Nutrition Counseling for Adolescents & Young Adults (0.8 CEU)

Nutrition for Rehabilitation and Healing (1.10 CEU)

Nutrition for the Elderly (0.8 CEU)

Nutrition for Young Athletes (1 CEU)

Nutritional Health for Men (0.8 CEU)

Nutrition for Women, Part 1: Reproductive Health (1 CEU)

Nutrition for Women, Part 2: Diet & Diseases of Lifestyle (1 CEU)

Nutrition for Women, Part 3: Menopause and Beyond (1.1 CEU)

Weight-Loss Medications Controversies and Benefits (1 CEU)

Practical Nutrition for Fitness Professionals (0.7 CEU)

Vegetarian Nutrition (0.8 CEU)

Preventing Pediatric Obesity (0.4 CEU)

Treating Eating Disorders (0.8 CEU)



Fitness Nutrition Specialist (1 CEU)

Endurance Training Specialist (1 CEU)
Resistance Training Specialist (1 CEU)
Cancer Recovery Specialist (1 CEU)


Sarah Koszyk is the founder of Family. Food. Fiesta. A family-based wellness program and recipe blog where she also conducts cooking videos with kids and provides families with healthy living tips. She is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach where she specializes in sports nutrition and adult and pediatric weight management. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Sarah is also in charge of hiring employees and contractors.

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