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7 Tips To Retain Your Fitness Clients… and Your Paycheck


7 Tips To Retain Your Fitness Clients… and Your Paycheck


Retention is everything in regards to fitness clients. Marketing is important in order to get new clients. But once you get those clients, you want to captivate them and keep them coming back for more. When a client has longevity, you’ll be able to maximize your time and efficiency while providing them high-quality service. With a steady, consistent stream of clients coming in, you will also have a steady, consistent paycheck. Here are 7 tips to retain your fitness clients. – Sarah

1. People like it when they feel special and their workout is customized for them. Keep things personal with their goals and needs so that they feel empowered and attended to.

2. Everyone wants to see progress. Discuss future plans and progression during the workouts so they know what they are working towards. The progress should be in line with their goals.

3. Goal Setting. Everyone needs a goal they are working towards. Set the goal in the beginning using the SMART goal system. Continue to reevaluate the goals throughout the sessions so the clients can see how they are progressing towards achieving their goals.

4. Use Their Name. The power of saying ones name out loud is incredible. Use the clients name at least once or twice during a session and they will feel welcome.

5. Follow-Up. Sending friendly email tips, newsletters, or contact is a great way to remind old clients you are still around and offering fantastic advice and knowledge. In addition, your emails to current clients can keep them motivated to maintain their goals they set since they know you are “watching” them.

6. Mirror the Client. Mirror the clients so that you talk like them, joke like them, and motivate appropriately. Treat the clients how you would like to be treated and they will feel as though you are relatable. Mirroring can build rapport and strengthen the relationship. People who relate to one another tend to come back for more.

7. Go Above and Beyond. The little “extras” go a long way for clients such as remembering their birthday, getting them a coffee, knowing their family members’ names, or opening doors for them. These examples can get a huge return on investment when people feel like you truly care.

Simply keeping your clients happy will result in client retention. Follow these guidelines and you will have a full schedule with lots of satisfied customers.

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Sarah Koszyk is the founder of Family. Food. Fiesta. A family-based wellness program and recipe blog where she also conducts cooking videos with kids and provides families with healthy living tips. She is a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach where she specializes in sports nutrition and adult and pediatric weight management. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Sarah is also in charge of hiring employees and contractors.

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