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5 Time Management Tips for Fitness Professionals

5 Time Management Tips for Fitness Professionals

Managing one’s time efficiently and effectively is an art form. By knowing how to efficiently manage your time, you will be able to relax and enjoy life more instead of stressing out trying to meet unreasonable deadlines or wasting time on unnecessary tasks. Why work harder? Here are five time management tips for fitness professionals.

1. Theme Block; Time Block: Katrina Julia, NASM Fitness + Sports Nutrition, NPC, MBA, CPA, Twitter: @katrinajuliafit, shares, “Think of your weeks and months, and start to think about what days are best to focus on what theme? Is it programs? Is it classes? Is it one on ones? Is it team days? Then, within each day think about what time blocks are effective to flow from one activity to the other within that day. You may increase your productivity by 40%+ and your results by doing these two things alone and training your team to do them, too.”


2. Keep a Routine: Tom Church, LMT, Running Coach, Twitter: @ChampionshipRC, informs, “Since day-to-day life in a fitness career is never the same, keep a routine. Especially with the consistent parts of the day, such as meal times, when you do self-care, and your sleep schedule.” Routines provide structure and will ensure you get your health and personal needs taken care of, too. Schedule these needs into your daily routine so you prioritize and get them done.


3. Write Your Tasks Down: Aaron Dence, Certified Exercise Physiologist, Exercise is Medicine®, Level II, informs, “Use your time when the facility is less busy to respond to emails and keep a running to-do list that can be updated multiple times a day. Using the notes app on iOS or something similar can be effective since you’ll be able to update it from your phone or computer.”


4. Turn Off Distractions: Turn off email and social media notifications when you are doing a specific task or job that needs focus and attention. Distractions will take away your concentration and extend the amount of time needed to get the job done.


5. Know When To Say “No”: Overcommitting or accepting jobs/tasks that are not productive to your overall goals is a time suck. Know when to say “no” to certain requests, demands, or duties that are not beneficial to your business or work flow.

Have a plan of action. Start each day with a set list of tasks to complete and allocate specific times with realistic time frames to complete them. Using the tools above, you’ll be able to increase your productivity and free your time for more play and relaxation.

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