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5 Incredible Fitness Jobs In 2018

5 Incredible Fitness Jobs In 2018

The career opportunities available in the fitness industry are vast and abundant. Here are 5 incredible fitness jobs in 2018 to check out. They all pay very well and have multiple job options within each category.


1. Fitness Director: Fitness Directors are usually the head of a fitness center or healthcare facility and assist with developing new fitness programs and managing employees. A bachelor’s degree is generally required for this position and it tends to be a first level manager position.

2. Health Club Manager: Health Club Managers oversee the day to day activities and manage all staff. They are in charge of the equipment, marketing strategies, and overall satisfaction of the customers. Having experience in both fitness and business is a plus for this position. A bachelor’s or Master’s degree is generally required.

3. Physical Therapist: Physical Therapists work with athletes and physically active people to help them prevent and treat injuries. Physical Therapists can work in either an established facility or in a private practice. A doctorate in physical therapy is required for this job.

4. Nutritionist/Registered Dietitian: Nutritionist/Registered Dietitians provide nutrition care programs and meal plans to people for health, wellness, and fitness. They can work in facilities or in a private practice. This job requires a bachelor’s degree in addition to an internship with a certification. Some nutrition-only programs just require specific certifications.

5. Athletic Trainer: Athletic Trainers have the opportunity to work for professional sports teams, school sports teams, gyms, health & fitness centers, and more. Athletic trainers are important figures in the sports and fitness arena. They assist with preventing and treating injuries by helping athletes stretch and by making sure their equipment is ergonomically correct. This job requires a bachelor’s degree in addition to specific certifications.

Once you decide which job sounds attractive to you, research it to see all the different career opportunities within the field. The future is wide open.

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