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5 Alternative Exercise, Fitness & Health Jobs

5 Alternative Fitness & Health Jobs


There are many career opportunities in the fitness industry. Here are 5 Alternative Fitness & Health Jobs that you may have not considered before.


1. Fitness Tech Engineer:Fitness Tech Engineers need a degree in biomechanics or software engineering. This job entails using fitness technology to design anything from fitness clothing to fitness tracking technology to developing fitness aids that can reduce muscle soreness.


2. Educator/Professor: Educators or Professors can teach health classes such as kinesiology or physical education. Professors need at least a Master’s degree to teach at the college level (PhD is preferred). Educators for grade schools or high schools can teach with a Bachelor’s degree in addition to a teaching credential depending on the state.


3. Fitness Apparel Designer: Fitness Apparel Designers have a degree in fashion design or apparel design. This unique job can design clothes that are water resistant, move easily during activity, and have other benefits for sports enthusiasts/athletes. Design the clothes and try them out during your fitness regimen.


4. Kinesiologist: Kinesiologist requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Kinesiologists help people cope with physical injuries or use specific techniques to alleviate muscle soreness. They can rehabilitate and manage sport injuries. You can be a private practice owner or work for someone else.


5. Sports Coach: Sports Coaches have an in-depth knowledge of a specific sport and can develop new training techniques to enhance the teams’ performance. Coaches provide strategic plans and tactics for athletes and teams. Most coaches need experience in the sport they will be coaching. They attend clinics, educational sessions, and other types of further education to enhance their knowledge and expertise.


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