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10 Reasons You Need To Be A Personal Trainer

10 Reasons You Need To Be A Personal Trainer

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there were over 279,000 personal training jobs in 2014. This number is projected to grow by 8% until 2024. Do you love health and fitness? Interested in a career change? Here are 10 reasons you need to be a personal trainer. If you have these qualities and characteristics, this job may be the one for you.


1. People Friendly. Personal trainers deal with all types of people. Establishing strong, long-lasting relationships with clients is important. If you enjoy working with people, this can be your job.


2. High Energy. People like stimulating environments when it comes to working out. Having someone push them along and take them to the next level in their fitness routine is desirable. Therefore, keeping up the energy is important.


3. Leading By Example. Practice what you preach. If you walk the walk, you can definitely talk the talk. Living and leading a healthy lifestyle focused on fitness will be noticed by your clients and your lifestyle can motivate them to practice the same.


4. Motivating. If you are a motivator, you can definitely be a personal trainer. Having a personal trainer who motivates someone to continue to work out even when the trainer is not around, is a great attribute.


5. Science and Research Junky. The field of fitness rapidly changes with new discoveries and research. Having the desire to continually learn and grow is important in order to stay in touch with the science and increase your knowledge.


6. Trendsetter. Keeping up with the latest workout routines or fitness trends is important so your clients can benefit from effective training.


7. Attention to Detail. Paying attention to your client’s technique and how they are working out is necessary so you can assist them with performing the exercises correctly to prevent injury.


8. Entrepreneurial Spirit. Most personal trainers have to build their clientele themselves. Having an entrepreneurial, go-getter attitude is imperative in order to grow your business.


9. Dependable and Reliable. Showing up on time and ready to perform is key for personal trainers. If you put your best foot forward and demonstrate to your clients you can be counted on, they will come back for more.


10. Flexible. Being open to new opportunities and change is essential for a personal trainer. Sometimes exercise routines need to be adjusted depending on the client or new job ventures may arise which can bring about more abundance and career growth.


The field of personal trainers is open. If you love health and fitness and have some or all of these qualities, this may be a good career for you.

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